Denim , Dog [ English Bulldog ]
Color : Red / Chestnut / Orange
Age : Senior
Gender : Male
Size : Medium
Characteristics : Array
Grooming : Low Maintenance
Vaccination : No vaccination
Pet for : Adoption

Denim , Dog [ English Bulldog ]

Senior , Male
SoCal Bulldog Rescue
 Santa Ana , CA , United States,92711



Hello good people. My name is DENIM. Here’s the story behind my name … I was a stray dog and I ended up in a shelter. The shelter was full, so SCBR took me in. For some reason, my fur was dyed BLUE! Kinda curious, kinda funny. My foster mom had to think of a fun name. She came up with three options ROYAL, MAILBOX and DENIM, then took a vote. Thank goodness DENIM got the most votes … who’d want to be called “Mailbox?” ACK! I’m 10 years old and on some days, I feel my age. I’m like an old man, a cit crotchety, and not crazy about hugs and kisses (I’m super OK with butt scratches). Even at my age, I can do stairs, but they freak me out a bit. I’m cool with kids that don’t hound me with hugs and kisses. I get along with other dogs. I’m OK with cats because I can’t see them. That said, I’m almost blind. My last home didn’t maintain my dry eye condition, so my eyes got damaged and went bad. My eyes need to cleaned, medicated and moisturized twice a day, sometimes three times a day. My favorite things: Sunbathing with my face turned up to the sun Sleeping while sitting up Sleeping under the sun Sporting fashionable sweaters (foster mom told me to add this) Eating of course If you would like to help Rescue with my care, please consider a one-time donation or a monthly pledge. Every little bit helps me all the other bulldogs in SCBR’s care. Thanks for checking me out. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DO NOT PLACE OUR DOGS IN HOMES OUTSIDE OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION CAREFULLY BEFORE CONTACTING BULLDOG RESCUEGeneral information:Bulldogs in Southern California will only be adopted in Southern California and no out of state adoptions. Out of state applications are encouraged to contact their local rescue program and speak with them about local dogs. ** PLEASE HAVE AN APPLICATION ON FILE PRIOR TO INQUIRING ABOUT ANY OF THE BULLDOGS - NO EXCEPTIONS. ** For a complete description of how our adoption process works, go here: Applications can be found at or email us directly for assistance with the applications. Adoption fees between $100.00 to $1000.00 do apply with adoptions, pets will have all shots completed and be spayed or neutered.