Save The Bears

“What the Senate did today should outrage the conscience of every animal lover in America,” – Wayne Nacelle (President and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States). 

For those who may not yet already know, recently in our United States Congress a disturbing decision has been made regarding the regulations on hunting in the state of Alaska. Although  a 2016 poll of Alaskan voters showed that the citizens of this state feel that these cruel hunting practices should be banned, the previous protections for these Alaskan predators instated under the Obama administration have officially been overturned, allowing for barbaric and inhumane hunting tactics to be allowed once more. These horrific tactics include luring non-aggressive animals from their dens with food to be shot point-blank, entering their dens during hibernation periods and shooting the parents and their young while they sleep, setting excruciating and terrifying wire snares and steel-jawed leg traps leaving them to starve or bleed to death, and now even simply shooting the animals down from a helicopter or airplane, leaving the bodies of these majestic mammals and their babies strewn about for decay. Not only are these practices considered acceptable, but are now encouraged by the government for these hunters and poachers to be merciless in this way. These lives are not taken for survival, protection, or food, but taken for sport. This is unacceptable.

Earlier today, March 24th, I had the privilege of visiting the ‘Fortress of the Bears’ in Sitka, Alaska.  Fortress of the Bears is a sanctuary that devotes themselves to taking in the bear cubs that were separated from their mothers at the hands of hunters. Instead of forcing these orphaned cubs to try to make it on their own, which is highly unlikely, the sanctuary takes them in to raise the cubs and nurture them into a healthy, sustainable adulthood before allowing these gentle giants to be re-released into the wild when they are deemed fit and ready. 

Fortress of The Bears’ mission is to rescue cubs, restore their health and provide a long, enriched life. 

In the heat of everything going on, it could not have been a more ideal time for me to see these incredible animals face to face. When I got to hand feed a bear grapes for myself, I instantly felt compelled to act in behalf of this beautiful species and I am doing what I can with the help of Shelter Helper and our online presence to raise awareness and funds for the Fortress of The Bears! 

Please share this message and donate if you can, the bears and wolves of Alaska need our voices! 

Here is a short video to that I took on my phone at the Fortress of The Bears:

Fortress Of The Bears
Fortress Of The Bears
Fortress Of The Bears