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The full story:

Catalina was saved from the Moreno Valley shelter on November 28th. She had been in the shelter for a week with a severely crushed paw. Almost every bone in her lower leg and PAW is broken. Our orthopedic surgeon says it’s salvageable but this surgery will require several pins and possibly a plate. The estimate for surgery is $1,900. The other option would be to amputate her whole hind leg making jumping and mobility extremely difficult for her.  She was in a lot of pain so pain meds have been started.
Please help us save Catalina’s leg!

Update on January 6th, 2017:

Catalina went to see the doctor last Saturday (12-31-16) and she id healing well. The infection is improving and the bones are healing well too. She will still be getting wound care and bandage changes weekly for now, each one costs us $40 so we still need donations. She will also eventually go in to have the pins removed (I am hoping this is done under anesthesia) and I am sure this will add to her bill which is already over $2500. We truly appreciate your continued support and sharing. I added some new photos from her visit last week. She is a very very sweet girl and just craves attention!

Update on February 14th, 2017:

Miss Catalina saw the doctor over the weekend and she had X-rays done again. It looks like her bones are finally healed and she is scheduled for surgery tomorrow to remove the pins. She is healing well and everything looks great. After the pins are removed she will be given more freedom to use her leg and we will see where things go from there. We’re not expecting much physical therapy needed but that is a possibility. Please keep her in your thoughts and pray that she regains mobility easily.
This is another bill for the rescue, her surgery tomorrow is expected to cost around $350. Any additional donations would be greatly appreciated.
On a happier note she’s very sweet and loving and is happy in her foster home. We can’t wait to see how happy she is once her cast and Cone are removed. I don’t have any photos to update at this time but we will get someone’s for surgery is finished tomorrow. Thank you for your continued support!

Update on February 23, 2017:

Catalina recently had her cast removed and surgery to remove a few of the pins in her paw. The orthopedist determined that the pins would stay permanently in her leg and foot to help maintain her stability. She is now doing physical therapy with her foster Mom to regain full motion of her foot and ankle. She is reluctant to put weight on her foot and we are still keeping her on cage rest when she isn’t closely monitored so she doesn’t hurt herself by jumping. Her bill has officially reached $3000. We are falling far short of our fundraising goal so we appreciate your continued support, shares and donations! I posted a few new photos and we have a video of her playing that I will try to post here.


Update on March 21, 2017:

We have raised just above $1,000 to help us pay for Catalina’s surgery and doctors visits. Thank you so much to everybody that has helped contribute by sharing or donating! Although we have made great progress, we still have almost $2,000 in medical bills left and anything helps!