Why Is My Dog So Aggressive?

Hyperactive/Aggressive Behavior In Dogs

Most dogs get hyperactive or aggressive from time to time, but if this behavior is consistent it may lead to several problems for both you and your furry. 


Some dogs are naturally aggressive or anxious which leads them to constantly be barking, biting, or jumping around. Other dogs seem fine until the mailman comes to the door or when exposed to an environment they are not used to being in (large groups or unfamiliar people, etc). How about when you take your dog for a walk and it suddenly jolts the moment it sees a rabbit? The causes can really be anything.

Potential Problems:

Nobody wants to be the person everyone despises at the dog park because their dog is a burden to everyone else. If you choose to not fix these traits of aggression or hyperactivity in your dog, they could potentially get you or your dog into trouble. Issues such as:

  • Lawsuits
  • injury or loss off your dog
  • Bad relations with anyone who may think negatively of you for not properly taking care of your dog.



If you’re tired of putting up with your dogs behavioral issues, one of the best approaches to treat the problem is through the use of supplements. Nowadays the pet industry is booming with all sorts of natural supplementation that would not harm your dog but rather help improve his/her quality of life.

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