What is the best dog toothpaste

Best Dog Toothpaste

Like humans, dog’s teeth need the same care and attention for proper preventative maintenance.  Dogs are not exposed to the same kind of cavity-causing foods as humans; however, it is still very important for your dog to maintain a healthy mouth in order to prevent plaque, tartar, gingivitis, and gum disease.  A healthy mouth for your dog will also lead to an overall longer and healthier life for your canine.

Brushing your dog’s teeth when they are still relatively young (8-16 weeks old) will also prevent oral health issues with your dog later in your dog’s life.

Below are dog toothpaste products that are excellent in maintaining a healthy mouth for your dog.

For puppies and small dog breeds we recommend Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dental Kit (brush included):

For medium-sized dog breeds we recommend Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste Dog Poultry Flavor (brush not included):

For large and older dogs we recommend Arm & Hammer Advanced Care Fresh Breath Toothpaste and Brush Set (brush included):

For the best quality tooth brushes for your dog we recommend Double Sided Canine Dental Hygiene Brushes with Long 8 1/2 Inch Handles and Super Soft Bristles (brushes only):