What is the Best Dental Chews for Dogs?

Want to have best dental health for your BFF? Go for healthy and nutritious dog dental chews. Yes, that’s right. When it comes to the dental health of your furry friend, you want to give the best. After all, a treat is a perfect way to acknowledge and appreciate your pet’s positive behavior. Moreover, it helps to strengthen your bond with your loving pet.

There are several dental treats available in the market meant for keeping your dog’s teeth clean, strong, and healthy. They are a cost-effective way to promote dental health of your pooch. So, let your canine enjoy the tasty and beneficial vegetable dental treat to enjoy a perfect dental health. 

Benefits of Vegetable-based dental chews to your most faithful four-legged friend–

  • These plant-based chews are gluten-free and very easy to digest for your pet.
  • They contain a probiotic known to aid digestion and help in maintaining intestinal health.
  • Regular chewing of vegetable based dental chews helps in promoting gum health and keeps your pooch’s teeth clean.
  • They help in scraping away tartar and plaque formation in your canine’s teeth.
  • They are highly palatable while being low in calories.

Shelter Helper’s Recommendation:

C.E.T. VeggieDent Tartar Control Chews for Dogs found on Amazon is the #1 recommended brand by veterinary professionals. This unique, easy-to-hold, and veg-based chew (without animal-origin ingredients) helps to reduce plaque, decrease tartar, clean teeth, freshen breath, and promote gum health of your furry friend.

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