The Best Way to Play Fetch

Do you love playing a game of fetch with your pooch? But do you find it disgusting to bend down for picking up the moist ball again and again? Well, a classic game of fetch can spell loads of fun and enjoyment for not just dogs but humans too. However, countless throws can lead to stresses and strains on your arms and back.

Well, here comes some relief for all dog owners. Now, you can enjoy playing fetch with your fun-loving pooch without hurting or straining your arms. Yes, this is possible through dog ball launchers. They are best for keeping your furry friend active and healthy. They help you throw the ball at a farther distance too. So, whether it’s your backyard, park, beach or any place outside, you can give your dog plenty of room to play around.

Advantages of Dog Ball Launchers—

  • They are best for having endless fun with your pet.
  • They ensure to provide more exercise to your furry friend. They burn off more energy of your puppy. 
  • Even kids(or anyone who cannot throw the ball quite far) can play fetch using dog ball launchers.
  • You can take them along wherever you go with your pooch, whether its park, beach, your backyard, or lake.
  • The best thing is that you don’t need to constantly touch or pick up the muddy or moist ball with your hands.

Shelter Helper’s Recommendation:

This wonderful Canine Hardware Chuckit Ball Launcher promotes a healthy and happy lifestyle for you and your best friend. This lightweight and durable ball launcher is especially designed to make throwing easier. Its ergonomic handle offers easy grip and can be used with any ball measuring 2.5 inches (or any medium size chuckit ball). Designed for hands-free pickup, it is quite inexpensive for several benefits it provides.   

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