Recommended Indoor Dog & Cat Gate

Dog & Cat Gates

Most dogs and cats, especially puppies and kittens, are very eager to walk or play in many areas of the house.  Pet owners sometimes want to set boundaries and limit the areas of the house that their pet is allowed to be in.

Effectively keeping your pet out of certain areas of the house can be a hard task.  Setting boundaries and corralling your dog in a certain area of the house can seem like a mean thing to do.  Some owners will resort to keeping their puppy or kitten isolated in a room alone.  However, there are much better ways to set boundaries!

We recommend using gates that can be easily moved and set-up.  These gates will effectively set the desired boundary you want for your pet and they will still be able to enjoy the company of people in the house.

The gates that we recommend are Evenflo Position and Lock Wood Gate

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