So you thought that balanced nutrition coupled with exercise is the basis for any healthy pooch. Well, that may not be enough to reach your dogs ultimate health potential. So, what should you do to improve the overall health, skin, brain functioning, and joints of your pup? Quality supplements are your best bet for ensuring the best health of our furry friend. And when we talk of health supplements, fish oil supplements are amongst some of the best. Yes, high &hellip read more

As a pet parent, it is top priority to ensure proper hygiene for your pal. Your pet needs a quick clean every now and then, whether it is after a walk, or even before sleep. However, you, as an owner, know quite well the ordeal of washing a pet. Moreover, you need to keep your four-legged faithful friend clean between baths. So, how can you keep your kitten or your furry friend clean? Well, pet wipes are excellent for keeping &hellip read more

Want your canine friend to stop chewing your stuff? Buy some dog chew toys. Yes, this is the best alternative. Chewing is, undoubtedly, very important for dogs. It is regarded as their main source of enjoyment especially when you are not there. Chewing is a great stress-reliever and also keeps their teeth healthy. Now the issue is how to stop your dog’s habit of chewing on all the things and develop a habit of chewing on dog chew toys. Take &hellip read more

Dogs love food and you, as a dog parent, can use food treats to make life with your best friend all the more fun. Treats, after all, are a perfect way to teach, reward, and strengthen your bond with your pet. So, treats need to be something over and above their regular meals. So, what treat should you offer to your faithful furry friend? Hurray! Spoil your pooch with something special that is a perfect combination of healthy nutrition and &hellip read more

Your pooch needs to eat and drink routinely. Ideally this should be out of a dog bowl, intact it is the most convenient way to feed your pet. What to do when you are traveling with your canine friend? How can you take care of your pooch’s food and water requirements? How should you serve your lovable furry friend the food and water while being on the go? Hey, all you dog owners and dog parents! You can make traveling &hellip read more

Cat parents want only the best for their kitties. So, they want to provide a healthy and well-balanced diet. Typically, cats require a high protein diet to build and maintain healthy and strong muscles. High quality dry cat food must have the best available source of protein. For cats, this means meat, fish, poultry and other related products. That being said, now the question is what is the best dry food for cats? This is, undoubtedly, a much-discussed and relevant &hellip read more

Cats love to scratch. Scratching is a necessary part of being a feline. They need to scratch to communicate with each other, stretch, tone different muscles and keep their claws in good health. Above all, kitties scratch to ward off their stress.  Cats love to scratch a wide range of surfaces. This provides them with several physical as well as psychological advantages. However, many times, they begin damaging accessories and furniture at your home with continuous scratching. And that’s when &hellip read more

So, you are a cat parent and your kitty is like family. Of course, you want to ensure your kitty is healthy and happy. And you give best cat care to help your kitty live its best life. Right? Naturally, you want to provide your cat the best cat litter because your cat deserves only the best. Cat litter, like all other things in modern life, has got evolved over the recent years. Pet owners use smartest options for the &hellip read more

If you are a cat parent, then you love everything about it except dealing with litter. You can teach your cat to use a litter tray. But, the problem of cat litter spilling and spreading everywhere is quite common. It spells frustration and there seems to be no way out of this tricky situation. You have to clean up this mess. However, the good news is that this unpleasant chore of cleaning up can be avoided. How? This is possible &hellip read more

Love cats but dislike the very thought of changing a smelly cat litter box? Well, we all know that one of the worst nightmares of every cat owner is keeping the cat litter box clean and hygienic. So, you need to invest in a couple of good pet amenities. When we talk of sanitation and convenience, the first thing that flashes in our mind is a disposable litter box. The main aim of disposable litter boxes is to considerably reduce &hellip read more