Is My Dog Getting a Proper Diet?

People love their furry canine friends, big and small. They are the first to provide a sloppy wet kiss in the morning and the first to bestow a warm greeting after a hard day’s work. We want what’s best for their health and happiness. Nutrition plays a major role in that. Unfortunately, the nutritional value of the food pet owners are supplying to their dog’s is often overlooked. 

So how does a person go about locating the best food?

It’s as simple as taking a moment to read the ingredient list and nutrition information listed on the back of a dog food product or on a products website. Just remember that balance is key and a balanced food includes the following:

  • Adequate Protein
  • Adequate Fats
  • Adequate carbohydrates to aid in digestion and energy
  • A variety of vitamins and minerals
  • Delicious flavor to keep Fido wanting more!

In addition, it’s an excellent idea to seek foods made with natural ingredients.  Natural ingredients mean less of a risk for exposure to harmful chemicals.

A Highly Recommended and Natural Food:

We highly recommend Taste of the Wild’s High Prairie Canine Formula. Your dog will love the delicious, grain-free “Bison in Gravy” flavor. Little will he know he’s getting a happy mix of bison, lamb, venison, potatoes, berries, tomatoes and added micronutrients for a well-rounded, fun-filled and healthy life.

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