How To Help Your Dog Stop Itching

Why is My Dog Always Scratching itself?

Causes — Dogs scratch themselves for a variety of reasons. Scratching is how your dog copes with skin and fur allergies that are bothering it. Causes of these allergies range from pollutants in the air to grasses and foliage that your dog may have rolled or played in.

Symptoms — It is very obvious if your dog is suffering from skin and fur allergies. Your dog will most likely suffer from excessive scratching or rolling around on the floor in a frantic manner.

Treatments — In order to limit your dog’s suffering from these types of allergies we recommend giving your dog an allergy medication. Below is a dog allergy medication that is the most complete and comprehensive formula for protecting against dog skin and fur allergies.

Allergy Immune Soft Chews for Dogs – With EpiCor for Seasonal Allergies & Immune System – Digestive Prebiotics & Probiotics + Wild Alaskan Salmon Fish Oil for Natural Omega 3 Support