How Do I Potty Train My Dog?

Best Training Pads

Training your dog where to use the bathroom is not always easy.  When they are puppies, dogs need the crucial training in order to learn the rules of going to the bathroom.  Neglecting your dog in this manner will create headaches for you in the future and will degrade the relationship between you and your dog.

Using training pads is the most effective way to train your dog about going to the bathroom.  As puppies, they will learn at an early age where it is and is not acceptable to go to the bathroom.  After your dog has mastered the art of pooping on the training pad you will then be able to get them to only do their business outside — either in the backyard or on walks.

Having your dog use the training pads will also help in training them with other commands.  Establishing, at an early age, that you can train them will only serve to benefit you in the future when you want your dog to learn other tricks or commands.  Your dog will also feel happier with you knowing that it is receiving affection for correctly following your instructions.

Dog training pads that we recommend are Simple Solution 6-Layer Dog Training Pads