How Can I Help My Dog’s Seizures?

Medication for Dog Seizures

Causes — Inherited from parent’s genes (primary reason)

Some dogs have inherited genes from their parents that code for epilepsy. This is the primary reason why your dog may suffer from periodic and random seizures. Most seizures will occur when your dog is exposed to too much stimuli at one moment. Sometimes your dog may experience a seizure while at rest.

Symptoms — A seizure in your dog will express itself in the same manner usually all of the time. You can know when your dog is having a seizure when it experiences episodes of severe and sudden jerking, stiffening, muscle twitching, drooling, loss of consciousness, falling over onto one side, and peeing or pooping during the jerking and twitching. All of these symptoms may come on at any time and may not all happen during every seizure.

Treatments — In order to limit your dog’s seizures we recommend giving your dog an epilepsy medication. Below is a dog epilepsy medication that is the most complete and comprehensive formula for protecting against seizures. Shop on Amazon