How Can I Help Cure My Dog’s Skin Problems?

Is your furry friend’s skin quite delicate and vulnerable to damage from several reasons like yeast, bacteria, fungus or insect? A dog’s skin is quite thinner than a human being’s skin. And this makes it highly sensitive to fungus, bacteria, and insects. Canine skin disorders are among common health issues in pets. In fact, your pet’s skin and coat are an important factor of its overall health.

So, what can you do to keep your dog’s skin healthy and shining? Well, a medicated shampoo is the ideal solution for your pooch’s skin issues. They can clean your furry friend’s coat and make it soft and shiny. You must choose a shampoo that is perfect for your pup’s specific needs.

Let us see the benefits of using a medicated shampoo—

  • It is helpful for itchiness, yeast, and bacterial infections.
  • It helps in reversing the hair loss due to skin problems in your canine.
  • It is very effective in treatment and relief of skin scaling due to seborrhea. It helps in eliminating mange and similar parasitic infections.
  • It clears up existing irritation while adding moisture into the skin. Lipoproteins present in such shampoos help in nourishing your pooch’s skin.
  • It helps your pet feel and look better without even going to the vet.

Shelter Helper’s Recommendation:

I am fond of SynergyLabs Veterinary Antiparasitic Antiseborrheic Medicated Shampoo found on Amazon.  Your dog will love this totally safe and highly recommendable for seborrhea, fungal, parasitic, and bacterial infections. It is a proven remedy for treatment of Mange and other skin issues while Allantoin & Oatmeal help in hydrating skin and promoting healing. 

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