How and When Should I Wash my Cat?

Cat Shampoo

Cats are great at self-grooming and cleaning.  Therefore, you should not give your cat a thorough bath with cat shampoo more than twice a year.  A cat’s skin and fur are very sensitive to oils and chemicals from store-bought shampoos and it is important that you always exercise caution when it comes to keeping your cat clean.

You should give your cat a bath typically twice a year.  However, it is perfectly acceptable to never wash your cat.  Most cats, especially house cats, are perfectly able to keep themselves clean.  Washing your cat more frequently than this will begin to harm and disrupt the natural balance of oils in your cat’s skin and fur.  Brittle and damaged fur can result from too much washing.  Washing your cat less frequently than twice a year is also an acceptable schedule for bathing.

For a great cat shampoo that will not harm your cat’s skin or fur we recommend using Burt’s Bees for Cats Hypoallergenic Shampoo