How and When Do I Cut My Cat’s Nails?

Cat Nail Clippers

You need to trim your cat’s nails in order to maintain their overall health.  Leaving your cat’s nails to grow for long periods of time is bad for their health.  They can develop issues with their nails if they grow too long.  Your cat can get an infection from nails that are too long.  Long nails are also painful for your cat as they make contact with the ground.

Trimming your cat’s nails at least twice a month will be adequate to prevent irritation and infection from your cat’s long nails.  Sometimes trimming the fur around the nails is necessary, but trim the least amount of fur as possible.

Nails that are black should be trimmed until no more black coloration is present in the nails.  It is also important not to trim the nails too short.  This will severely hurt your cat and can cause unwanted bleeding and pain.  Give your cat a treat after trimming their nails if you know you hurt them.

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