Best Dog Pooper Scooper

How Do I Handle Dog Poop at Home?

Your dog may not always only poop while out on walks.  Many times your dog will need to relieve itself in the backyard or more unfortunately — in the house.  It is important not to chastise your dog for pooping in the backyard.

For the health of other family members it is very important to pick up and dispose of the poop as soon as possible.  Leaving the poop in the backyard can lead to unwanted consequences such as people stepping in it, tracking it inside the house, and attracting unwanted flies and insects that will swarm the backyard area.

In order to properly remove the poop we recommend using a pooper scooper tool.  A pooper scooper tool will adequately assist in safely removing the poop from the backyard so it can be placed in the proper trash.

A pooper scooper tool that we recommend is Dogit Jawz Waste Scoop