Best Cat Toothpaste

How to Maintain a Healthy Mouth for your Cat

Like humans, cat’s teeth need the same care and attention for proper preventative maintenance.  Cats are not exposed to the same kind of cavity-causing foods as humans; however, it is still very important for your cat to maintain a healthy mouth in order to prevent plaque, tartar, gingivitis, and gum disease.  A healthy mouth for your cat will also lead to an overall longer and healthier life for your cat.

Brushing your cat’s teeth when they are still relatively young (8-16 weeks old) will also prevent oral health issues with your cat later in your cat’s life.

Below are cat toothpaste products that are excellent in maintaining a healthy mouth for your cat.


For all cat breeds, sizes, and ages we recommend SENTRY Petrodex Dental Kit for Cats:


For more fickle cats that make it hard or impossible to for owners to clean their teeth we recommend Organic Catnip Sticks -Teeth Cleaning Chew Sticks: