Benefits of Catnip

Why Should I Give My Cat Catnip?

Catnip is a combination of herbs that release chemicals when the leaves and stems are bruised or broken.  When your cat smells these chemicals they begin to feel a sense of euphoria or extreme happiness.  Some store-bought cat toys come pre-loaded with small amounts of catnip inside of them in order to lure your cat to play with the toy.

You should not give your cat too much catnip in one setting and you should limit the frequency of their exposure to it because they can build up a tolerance to catnip and then it will no longer do anything to them.  Typically, the “high” lasts about 10 minutes and then wears off.

Catnip is primarily used to treat your cat for good behavior or just for fun.  It can also be used as a training tactic.  By putting catnip in certain toys they will become more inclined to play with those toys.  You can also place catnip in a scratching post in order to entice your cat to use the scratching post and not the couch or other furniture.

Catnip that we recommend is SmartyKat Organic Catnip