For adoption inquiries contact: Victoria – Myperfectmercedes@yahoo.com

Breed: Staffordshire terrier

Age: 5 Years Old

Location: Orange County

Travel for adoption visits are limited to OC since I don’t currently own a car. $75 Adoption Fee.
I’m looking for a great home for my little dog Shelby. She’s a 5-6 year old 35 pound tan and white Staffordshire Terrier with the sweetest face you’ll ever see. I rescued her about a year ago with the intention of rehoming her to one of my friends. Unfortunately they weren’t a good match, so she’s been with me ever since. Shelby is very VERY special. She was found as a stray when she was about a year old and taken to the pound. She probably had puppies at some point when she was just a puppy herself, but she is now spayed. Her owners prior to me, had no time for her and she was kept alone in a backyard for 4 years. Needless to say, she’s not very well socialized.

Now, let me tell you a little bit about the good and the bad of Shelby… Without fail she follows me around the house all day very closely, stepping on the back of my slippers or my pant leg. She is a great little friend. And a great little dog when you’re just hanging around the house with her. She’s added so much to my life. She sleeps a lot. She loves women, but she’s slightly uneasy around some men. She loves my brother though. She is scared of fireworks (what dog isn’t). She HATES being left alone. If left alone, she’ll probably find some way to escape. And if she can’t find a way, she’ll make a way. She’s jumped fences, she’s chewed door frames and doors, and broken a cracked or slightly open window to escape. She never chews anything if I’m home, and does not chew anything unrelated to escaping. Like shoes, wires, clothes, etc. She loves going places, short car rides to long hikes. She is a happy little dog, and often runs from room to room with her butt tucked, spinning and launching around the house. One of her best traits is that she RARELY barks. Not even at the Mailman. She’s also has very short hair, and even smells like a puppy still. She walks on the leash nicely, but like to jump straight up when she sees another dog. It’s safe to say, she doesn’t get along with most dogs. But, there have been a few exceptions. Including an older Chihuahua who she played with and snuggled. I’m not sure how she is with cats, but she chases them out of our yard kind of half-assed. She is curious, and likes to stand on her hind legs to look into a car window as we walk by. She will wander right into a neighbor’s house or yard if she has the opportunity. Shelby is also a great snuggler. She’s warm and soft and will curl up right next to you and sleep with you for hours. She’s very healthy and easy to keep, and house trained too. She’s been very loved by my brother and me, and we won’t let her go to a home where she isn’t just as loved and cared for.

On another note, I’m desperate to find Shelby a good home as soon as possible. We are moving and cannot take her with us. Our home is old and it hasn’t been easy keeping her inside when we leave. There is a lot going on in our lives and we are often gone all day, leaving her alone. Because she sometimes damages our home when we leave her alone, as a last resort we decided to keep her chained in the backyard when we leave, and that’s no way to leave your dog… It’s so sad. And we thought it a better option than crating. But she was escaping no matter what we did to keep her inside. And causing problems with our neighbors. I’m frequently sick and cannot work with her or take her out on adventures as much as she needs. I believe many of her issues can be helped with some training. But we do not have the funds. If Shelby goes to a local home, I am willing to babysit her when needed. I can pay for her dog food as well. I’ll help in any way I can. Please spread the word, we desperately need help finding a good fitting home for her.

For adoption inquiries contact: Victoria – Myperfectmercedes@yahoo.com


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