Breed: Greyhound Terrier Mix

Age: 2

HI there,

I was at work yesterday, when I saw a dog almost get hit by a few cars. Luckily she came to me no problem and I brought her in my office, she was very dirty, looked like she had been left outside, and bullied by another dog… but super sweet. I took her home last night, washed her up really good, fed her, let her sleep in my bed. She is a little scared of other dogs who are all up in her face, but curious. (I have 2 English bulldog puppies. ) She is amazing and super cuddly with my 3 small kids. She came to work with me today, so mellow and loves everybody. I really don’t want to take her anywhere she would be lonely in a cold box, I really want to find her a loving home, I can foster in the mean time. She looks to be part Greyhound mixed with a terrier.

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