Breed: Pittbull / Terrier Mix

Age: 1 Year Old

Location: Orange County

I live in a condo. Buster needs a yard to play in. I can’t afford doggie daycare anymore, it’s too expensive, and I had only planned on having him there as a baby until he stopped chewing. I’m away for work too many hours a day. He needs more than I can give him now. He also needs training. He’s been spoiled, so he thinks he’s the boss. He’s almost 40lbs. He looks much like the dog on the target commercials. He’s fast & jumps high. He’s a lover, and protector. He just got fixed on 9/15 & turned 1 on 9/30. I want to find the right family to love my boy!

For adoption inquiries contact: Shannon – smueller1980@gmail.com


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