Breed: Tuxedo Shorthair

Age: Both are 4

Two furry, lovable little boys want to cuddle and play with you!

Sheldon was born on Oahu, Hawaii and has always been a sassy cat. He loves high places and looking at birds and people out the window. He is happiest when kneading soft blankets and likes to munch on the occasional treat of melon, green beans or chicken. Sheldon goes crazy for catnip!

Lennard is a southern California kitty and a sweetie. He is a little wary of strangers but once he bonds with you, all he wants to do is cuddle and be your shadow. He loves playing with toys especially laser pointers,balls and pens. Lennard makes cute chirpy noises when he sees birds outside or on TV!

Both boys are indoor only, fixed, microchipped, up to date on shots,litter trained, good with kids, and respond to their names. Sheldon is black and white with a little pink nose. Lennard is gray and white with a pretty facial pattern.

They are best friends and want to stay together forever. Come give them some belly rubs and a snuggle!

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