About Us
Shelter Helper Charity began with the soul purpose and vision of helping animals live a longer and happier life with a family that cares for them by raising money. When an animal is lost or abandoned it will be taken to an animal shelter until it is either, reunited with its family, adopted into a new loving family or euthanized. If the animal is lucky enough to be taken to a No Kill shelter the animal will be kept alive and healthy until its reunion or adoption. The process of saving an animal from a kill shelter is our why. No Kill policy animal shelters are the only shelters that we support.

As of December 24th, we are recognized as a tax exempt organization under IRS tax code: 501(c)3. This means that we are a legal non profit entity. All donors will receive a tax deductible receipt. What does it mean to get a tax deductible receipt? If you itemize your taxes at the end of each year then you will be able to write down how much you gave as charitable givings and it will be deducted from your taxable income, YAHOO!

About Us
About Us

Shelter Helper Charity was founded on November 18, 2014 by Brian Eckert, a 20 year old college student with a love for animals and a passion for life.

Donations Will Be Used For:

Medical Costs for lost/abandoned animals at the Shelter.  Many animals arrive at the Shelter in need of medical treatment.  This pays for necessary tests, treatment and medicines to bring these animals back to good health. Also, spay/neuter costs in our efforts to prevent unwanted litters, we contribute some of our proceeds to spaying and neutering many of the animals before they are adopted to a new home.

Marketing Costs for the animals to be seen by more families that will result in more adoptions. Bringing the Shelter to the community.  This encourages shelter adoptions through advertising and attending local adoption day promotions.

Surgery for animals that require life-saving procedures, from mending broken legs to having delicate eye and ear surgery.

Foster Care recruits families to provide in home care for baby animals until they are old enough to be placed for adoption.

Special-Needs Animals This was initiated to assist families who adopt a pet with special on-going medical treatment or medication. This also furnishes kitten and puppy formula for abandoned “wee-ones,” vitamins or dietary supplements to insure many of these animals are nursed back to good health.

Tax Filing Receipts

2016 990-N – View Filing Receipt

2015 990-N – View Filing Receipt